Russian chechotka in bast shoes and with a bayan

Dancing number ?Russian chechotka in bast shoes and with a bayan?.

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The small dictionary:

Kokoshnik — woman»s head-dress in old Russia

Shuba — a fur coat

Sarafan — a long woman»s dress covering feet and having the form of a high skirt with straps or sleeveless chemise worn over one with sleeves

Sermyaga — a kind of rough woolen cloth used for peasant clothing

Kosovorotka — a shirt with a narrow stand up collar and an off-center slit or button closure shifted to the left or the right

Onuchi — long narrow strips of cloth (up to two meters in length) over which lapti (bast shoes) were worn

Ponyova — a kind of skirt made of three lengths of cloth and ornamented with embroidery, lace, spangles and beads

Perednik — an apron that served to keep the clothes clean; on holidays it was used as a decoration

Valenki — felt boots

Kaftan — garment

Tulup — sheepskin

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